Technologies and Production Facilities

We provide a comprehensive service for the production of complex technical parts, which includes the processes of conventional metal machining, welding and mounting assemblies.


Rotary machining, milling, grinding, pressing, bending pipe, welding in protective atmosphere and TIG welding, locksmith works and CNC plasma/flame cutting metal sheets are among the other technologies processed by KODUZ DUO.

We strive to continue to develop existing technologies to satisfy customer requirements.

CNC turning

  • S 40 CNC,  SKY 40 CNC, SPRY 40 CNC

CNC milling

  • MAS 750

Rotary machining

  • A20B


  • SU 40


  • F32


  • Flat grinding BPH 20 NA
  • Round grinding BK 5-1000

Horizontal drilling

  • H 80



Pipe bending

  • Vnitřní trn do průměru až 30 mm

Welding in protective atmosphere

  • Nerezových a Al materiálů metodou TIG

Sheets cutting

  • CNC cutting machine VANAD, 1500 mm x 3000 mm
  • Plasma up to the 10mm
  • Gas up to the 200 mm


  • Eccentric press 65T

Pressing, bending and drilling jigs

  • Technical preparation and production

Locksmith works

  • Final and mounting assemblies of machinery devices

Surface finishing

  • Including heat treatment - in cooperation




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