Koduz – Tradition and History

Our company develops, manufactures and supplies precision engineering components. We provide our customers with a full production circle from shape proposal through construction solution of parts and tools to serial manufacturing.


Annually, we produce more than 0.5 million products for renowned domestic and foreign clients in the automotive, army, construction and consumer industry.


The main aim of our company is to complement a high quality product. The entire process of securing the necessary production, despite strict demands is driven by efforts to shorten the time required from initial request to final product delivery. Meanwhile great emphasis is placed on quality. We never forget to pay utmost attention to the production effects influencing our environment.

  • The Company holds a certificate ISO 9001 acquired from SKQS in 2001.
  • KODUZ - DUO, Ltd. is established for more than 20 years in building a quality management system and production planning.


We manufacture complicated technical parts for precision engineering.


KODUZ - DUO, Ltd. supplies products in the form of pre-assembled components and subassemblies into three main industrial areas - domestic and international companies in the automotive industry, arms production and construction industry.




 Arms industry



Production of construction machinery

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